Why you are your greatest asset

Happiness is contagious. When we’re happy people want to be around us. Likewise, we want to be around happy people. Nothing is more important than being happy – would you agree?

As you approach retirement and the pace of life becomes slower, there is more time available to focus on health and well-being – to look after ourselves in the best way possible. Now, we can create a life in which our primary goal is to be happy.

Living life on your own terms

You’ve worked hard in your career and now you’re ready to reap the rewards. It’s time for fun. You have the time and courage to follow the dreams on your list, play the guitar, sing, paint, volunteer, fly, sail, write, and more. You learn how to flourish after a career ends. You are ready to embrace the change retirement offers and explore possibilities.

You no longer have to multi-task. You can enjoy each activity, one at a time. You can clear your mind at the end of each day, enjoy a better night’s sleep and start afresh tomorrow.

Leaving a legacy

You may want to share your experiences with your family. Start your autobiography and pass it to your grandchildren, your nephews and nieces.

Some people create a vision board (like those who make art and design interiors). They attach images of places they want to visit and goals they want to achieve. They add to the board when they get an idea for a new goal or their dreams evolve.

Perhaps you are a lifelong learner

Have an audio book, or your favourite podcasts on Audible, set to play in the car. Learn while you’re driving and enjoy the time you’re delayed in a traffic jam.

You are what you read…

What do successful people read? What do healthy retirees read? Who are their role models? Whose examples do you follow? We all have people who aspire us. Every successful business person has one or more mentors. Whether in business or not, you’ll subtly follow mentors to help you achieve a goal. You could say a GP is a type of mentor, as well as a doctor, helping you recover from an illness. You may find other mentors to help you stay in good physical and mental health. We may use books, websites and social media groups to learn about special topics which contribute to our health and well-being.

…and what you eat

We all know we’re supposed to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, salads, wholegrains, lean meats, poultry and fish (and less red meat). It’s easy to eat well. Not doing so will make no difference today. But over time it will.

If you read 10 pages of a good book today, it won’t improve your life tomorrow. But a year from now you would have read 10 or 20 books of life transforming content. Although you may not see results today, what we do now matters: to our health, to our finances and in our personal relationships.

Take stock and invest in yourself

Going to the gym today matters. Saving £1 instead of spending £2 matters. Avoiding a fast food meal matters.

When we first start going to the gym and work 5 minutes on the treadmill, it seems of little significance. Then 5 minutes becomes 10, then 20 and so on. After a year, maybe less, you feel positively different. More energy, healthier. Jim Collins in ‘Good to Great’ and Jeff Olson in ‘The Slight Edge’ describe how little changes made one day and every day are easy to do and compound significantly over time. The mundane habits practised every day will make us successful in life. We will be the best we can be throughout later life.

We make time to focus on what really matters. We organise our time doing the things which give you most fulfilment.

No regrets

We must never blame ourselves for choices made in the past. Instead, think about what you did rather than what you didn’t do. Credit yourself with making the best decision at that time. We never stop learning and this includes learning about ourselves which enable us to make better decisions next time. Ageing gives us this wisdom and contentment in later life. If you regret never going to university, join U3A. Those who never made a mistake never learnt anything (Albert Einstein).

Now you have a pretty good idea of what you want your future to look like, go and enjoy every minute. But first, come and visit the Arbor Living park homes at Lakeshore to find out how other retirees are loving life at Burton Waters, Lincoln.

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