What makes a happy home?

Your home is your sanctuary. The place where you always feel safe and secure. Your haven providing comfort and relaxation. You can close the door and feel at peace. When the pace of life speeds by and you want to slow down, home is the place where you can adjust and be yourself. Your escape from overwhelm and your refuge from any stress which may enter your life.

Welcome to Arbor Living

Step into one of our homes at Lakeshore and take in a new view. Sit on a different chair, by a different window and see a different view of the world. Contemplating your lifestyle as you approach your sixties may encourage you to move home, perhaps to Lakeshore.

Somewhere secluded and surrounded by green parkland with waterside meadows may be more appealing if you wish for an active yet slower pace of lifestyle.

Is your current property too big? Now the family have left home, does it feel like you’re rattling round in space you no longer need?

What do you value most about your prospective lifestyle?

  • Tranquillity?
  • Countryside or town nearby?
  • Easy access to motorways, rail networks, airports and public transport (local bus)
  • Entertainment venues, places for day trips, cultural activities, libraries, fitness centres, historical parks and buildings within easy reach?
  • A local community offering a wide variety of amenities – clubs, friendly pubs, churches and social groups within walking distance or a short drive away.
  • A place where it’s easy to be active every day – to enjoy pretty walks from your door, to cycle among attractive scenery away from traffic, where you can easily pick up daily essentials without making a major trip.

A home which helps you live your chosen lifestyle will increase your overall happiness.

Finer details

Full length and Velux windows allow light to flood in and give access to the patio and garden from the living space. Rooms are designed with views of the garden and you can enjoy the outdoors all year round, whatever the weather.

Arbor Living’s designers have given great thought to the small details important in their initial designs. A built-in sound system lets music flow while speakers and cables are hidden from view beneath the walls.

Take the time to view your potential home and explore the local area to discover how you would feel living there day to day.

If you have always wanted to escape to the country, find a place which offers the best of both worlds. A home within parkland yet walking distance to a centre where you can eat, shop and stay may suit your plans perfectly.

Adjusting to retirement

You will find it easier to adapt to later life or retirement if you have planned the activities which take up most of your time.

A diary or calendar with time devoted to your favourite activities will motivate you most.

Unless you’re a hands-on gardener or DIY enthusiast, you’ll welcome being able to leave behind the hassle and expense of structural repairs or heavy garden maintenance.

Looking out onto a beautifully planted garden is a preference for most people. Planting and tending to new growth is also a pleasure. But maintenance which involves digging, pruning and disposal of garden debris easily turns into a major project. In a brand-new property like those at Lakeshore, the garden is “done for you” when you move in. All it will require is gentle attention to new growth in spring and summer. Like the homes themselves, they are designed for minimal maintenance and maximum pleasure. A local gardener could help keep it pristine all year round.

Organising little things for big impact

When we move, we live differently. A different layout to the one we’re used to makes us change our habits, adopt new routines and keep things in different places.

When you’re about to move, make sure you’re well-organised. Keep your equipment manuals together (for example your printer manual will explain how to connect it to your new network).

Recycle redundant equipment which connect your computer system. Although they may seem trivial tasks, they will save wasted time and frustration later as you settle in to your easier life. The fewer mundane tasks you must do, the more time you can spend doing things you enjoy because you’ve freed your life from clutter.

Avoid compulsive hoarding (which is becoming increasingly common). Use your new approach to later life as a reason to de-clutter your home. Marie Kondo is the ideal advocate for this and it’s worth following her advice. “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is one of her books.

Discover park home luxury and relaxation at Lakeshore

Come and visit the beautiful park homes at Lakeshore, Burton Waters. Arrange a viewing by phone. Or request us to call you at a convenient time.