What do you wish for in retirement?

Do you find it easy to wind down and switch off?

Are you planning to wipe the slate clean, do things differently and start a new life now you’ve reached your fifties?

What would be your ideal retirement age? 55? 65? 70? Perhaps you never want to retire – in the traditional sense. Many of us don’t.

“Some of the best days of your life are yet to happen,” said Ann Frank. In our later years, many of us resolve to find and do the things which bring us most joy. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

If you are about to leave full or part-time work, you may have asked yourself, “What will I spend my time doing every day?” It’s important to have structure and meaning in life, a reason to jump out of bed in the morning to begin the day with purpose.

Appreciate yourself

While making plans, it’s worth reminding yourself how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. Feeling at peace with the past and where you’re headed will keep you feeling settled, relaxed and confident in the future.

It is a common mistake to underestimate where we are now to appreciate how we got here.

We’ve faced opportunities and setbacks. Life experiences have deepened our knowledge. We have learnt resilience. We know how to deal with change and to take things in our stride. And we have a measure of wisdom we wish we’d possessed in our twenties.

We’ve learnt gratitude – a technique psychologists advise us to practice every day. Now is a time to celebrate, to quietly reflect. We have become self-assured about all aspects of life and the path we want to take.

Make every day meaningful

You may feel it’s time to revisit your values. Are they in line with what you do every day? If so, you’ll feel your life is fulfilled and you never need doubt the course your life is taking.

Go to bed with positive thoughts and you’ll awaken in the same mind, starting the day happy.

Continue to improve your health with a sensible eating plan, regular exercise and undisturbed sleep. An active lifestyle, healthy diet and a good night’s sleep are vital for good health and help prevent chronic illness.

Green goodness

A US study has linked leafy green vegetables with a younger memory age. Eating one serving a day of leafy green vegetables rich in vitamin K was linked to slower loss of memory with ageing, reports the journal Neurology.

If you need to lose weight, remember the compound effect. Losing one pound a week is a sustainable lifestyle goal and in 6 months you’ll notice a positive difference.

Think about your earliest dreams and aspirations

Some people return to thoughts they had when they were young, and as children. Many of us have a natural ability and talents we haven’t yet realised or practised. Imagine if you were to tap into those now – how different would your life be? Perhaps the opportunity has yet to present itself and now is your time.

Income from pensions, investments and property downsizing could give you greater financial freedom to follow a path you previously considered a dream. You could devote time to developing a business idea which needs capital investment, learning a new skill or joining a philanthropic project – opportunities you put on hold while you focused on your profession.

Perhaps there is a big change going on in the world that you would like to be part of something bigger that needs involvement at a local level. There may be something you’ve believed in for a long time yet haven’t yet been able to take action – until now.

Thoughts like these give people a renewed zest for life.

High standard of living

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