This is your key to a stress-free life in Lymm

There is no instruction manual to guide us through later life. But life experiences have given us the wisdom to know what needs to change for us to live our later years in happiness. And if there’s one change we determine to make in later life, it’s to live a stress-free lifestyle.

When you consider the reasons why you might move to Lymm, it’s worth knowing what this vibrant village community has to offer before you make your final decision.

For the over fifties who value neighbourliness and a variety of activities, there is plenty going on in Lymm.

Your first visit to Lymm

It’s likely that as you drive through the village centre for the first time, you will notice bunting draped over buildings and across the road. There is always something to celebrate in Lymm. Most residents feel a strong sense of community and at the same time there is always a warm welcome for visitors to their much-loved village.

Community spirit is evident every summer when a dedicated team of volunteers organise and host the Summer Festival, which includes the Historic Transport Day. Built and managed by local volunteers, Lymm Heritage Centre is another example of community spirit and involvement. Even the local pubs have a strong community feel about them. The nearby Jolly Thresher and the Spread Eagle host social events and special offers (join their mailing lists and don’t miss out).

Visit the Lymm Village website for an online introduction to Lymm. It features local events, history, landmarks (with a heritage trail map), beauty spots (Lymm Dam, Bridgewater Canal) and tells you about the surrounding areas. 

Access to the rest of the UK (and beyond) is easy from Lymm with the nearest national rail station being 3 miles away and the nearest airport 12 miles away. With independent shops and cafes, and a wide range of clubs to join, it’s no wonder Lymm made it on to the list of Top 10 Places to Live in Britain in 2017.

Part-time professional people find it easy to access Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. People who love to explore their local area find a wealth of countryside, wildlife, cultural and educational groups and activities they can join

Would this kind of village life appeal to you? Come and visit an Arbor Living show home at Willowpool to find out more.

At ease in Willowpool

In the spirit of offering freedom in retirement, the Arbor Living park homes in Willowpool are freehold, which means buyers are free to sell the property if ever they want to move on.

You’ll need little budget for repairs and maintenance thanks to the guarantees and quality of construction of your new home.

You won’t need to worry about setting time aside for upkeep because all Arbor Living homes are built for people who prefer a low maintenance lifestyle. This leaves you free to fill your calendar with your newly discovered hobbies, interests and social life. 

Step inside for the first time and you’ll be taken with the space – and the abundance of daylight. Willowpool is a secluded development, designed for people who love privacy and security. You’ll have a private garden, extensive landscaping throughout the park and gated access for residents and guests only.

Does this kind of lifestyle immediately put you at ease as you contemplate retirement?

One of the first tasks to begin when marketing a property to sell is to have a clear out. If downsizing, you need to be especially resolute. What people find is that the less ‘stuff’ they take with them, the more relaxed and comfortable they feel as they settle in. Disposing of belongings we have no further use for brings clarity of mind and (some people say) inner peace. The inevitable clearing out as preparation for moving proves an inspiration when it’s done. It’s serves as a reminder: to cherish fond memories while letting go of the past and enjoying the present moment.

Ask our advice about moving to the friendly village community in Lymm.

Luxury park home living in Lymm

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