How much can you store in a Biohort shed?

Have you ever wished for more storage space?

Every season a new pastime tempts us to buy new tools, gadgets and belongings for hobbies and activities. And they all need storage space.

What’s more, that space needs to stay organised with everything to hand the moment you need it. When your possessions are stored neatly and tidily, everything feels right in the world.

If you’ve always had a garden shed, you’ll want another when you move.

When people first consider downsizing they love the appeal of an uncluttered living space. But when they think about all their possessions, they wonder where they’ll keep them all: garden furniture, power tools, luggage – and the Christmas tree.

Where will it all go?

Upsize to a Biohort shed

One of the most innovative storage solutions we’ve seen in a while is the Biohort shed. It’s lockable and secure. No maintenance is needed. Contents stay dry. And its hangers, shelves and racks keep everything neat and tidy.

The high quality construction Biohort range is fast becoming popular with residents at Lakeshore, Burton Waters.

It’s perfect for your bulky belongings – the household, garden and hobby essentials – which it’s impractical to keep inside the home.

There will always be possessions we never want to part with. What are your treasured possessions? Your vinyl record collection or a good nostalgic family photo album? Or something practical like your workbench, pressure washer or patio heater.

Everyone who has something to keep needs a place to keep it.

What could you keep in a Biohort shed?

Let’s be optimistic. There may be a heatwave this summer. And if so, your cooling fan will come in handy.

If the summer stays cool and you decide on a hot travel getaway, your favourite luggage will always stay clean and dry in your Biohort shed.

Food tastes more delicious when it’s eaten outdoors. Picnic sets, foldaway chairs, windbreak, umbrellas and even the roof box for the car will store in your shed ready for your next day out.   Hiking boots, sports and outdoors footwear will be ready for your next walk.


Enjoying the garden

When Spring comes, gardeners will need space for the lawnmower, hose pipe, leaf blower, pots, trowels, forks, saw, hoe, hedge trimmers – and all the equipment that will help the garden bloom.

A trip to the local garden centre (Whisby is the nearest to Burton Waters) for compost, fertiliser, seeds and shrubs. They all require storage during the growing season.

Garden and patio furniture can be brought out in Spring to enjoy lighter nights outdoors, perhaps with a BBQ and chimera.

For DIY projects

If you enjoy carpentry and DIY projects you’ll need storage space for power tools, toolbox, workbench and protective gear as well as extension leads and cables.

Favourite hobbies and pastimes

If golf, fishing or tennis are your hobbies, you’ll welcome the space for your rods, waders, clubs, rackets and balls.

Cyclists welcome having a safe place to lock away bikes and accessories.

Be ready for your grandchildren to visit

Toys like trampolines, paddling pools, footballs, ping pong and table tennis sets, bikes, trikes and board games are essential when the grandchildren come to visit. You can keep buckets, spades and beach toys for your days out together. And they all can be easily tidied away for next time.

For entertaining

If you like to cook for a crowd, a hostess trolley helps you prepare in advance and keep food warm while you entertain your guests. Store it in the Biohort shed along with your Christmas tree and decorations where they’ll stay clean and dry until the festive season.

For your furry friends

Because you never want to run short of pet food, beds and playthings for dogs and cats, buy them in bulk and store them in the Biohort shed.

Everyday use

General household essentials like ladders and step-ladders, brooms and mops find the most convenient home in a Biohort shed, freeing up space inside the home.

The Biohort shed stands up to all weathers – for 20 years or more.

Read the detailed product specifications for each Biohort shed to see which one suits your needs.

See how other Biohort shed owners are using theirs.

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