How to make the most of your luxury retirement in Lymm

“I can add years to my life.” In a study by Yale University, the Readers Digest reports a positive attitude to ageing. By living a full and active life, and continuing to feel useful, we’ll most likely live about 7 extra years.

We all know people who are in their 80s who are as active, healthy and happy as they were 30 years ago. And we all know people who are less so. But what makes people different? What can we do differently to maintain our health, well-being and happiness as we grow older?

We can follow trusted research about diet and health to give ourselves the maximum opportunities for a happy and healthy life.

Age UK have researched later life in depth.

They report that people with the same circumstances rate their satisfaction with life in different ways: the ‘glass half full’ or ‘half empty’ attitude.

Can retiring to Lymm make a difference to the quality of life you lead?

It would appear so.

Take the Age UK research top 5 indicators to well-being in later life:

  1. Creative and cultural participation
  2. Physical activities
  3. Thinking skills
  4. Mental well-being
  5. Level of education.

Active engagement with the world around us is hugely important.

In Lymm, new residents find it easy to become part of the community from the moment they arrive.

There are local clubs, activity groups, a parish hall and a heritage centre. A visit to each of these is the first step to a richly rewarding life in your new community.

Living in Lymm can make a positive difference to your life in these important ways:

  1. Creative and cultural participation. Locally, you can join a dance club, play a musical instrument, take part in carnivals and festivals, attend art exhibitions (or paint), visit a historical site and join a library.
  2. Physical activities. There are local golf clubs, swimming pools, cycle routes, walking trails, horse riding centres and groups for taking part in team sports.
  3. Thinking skills. Join the bridge club, the Bridgewater Players (theatre group), Floral Art Group, Meditation classes – or volunteer at Lymm Heritage Centre. They need people to fill specialist roles.
  4. Mental well-being. The University of the Third Age has set up a new group in Lymm. And there are groups in Warrington and Altrincham.
  5. Level of education. You’re never too old to get a degree. The Open University (distance learning) is popular with the over 50s. Your luxury Arbor home has ample space to create a study especially for the times when you want to be fully absorbed in your work. Getting a degree is challenging. Many of us like learning and enjoy the fulfilment it brings.


Perfect location for retirees

New residents find they soon build a new social life in this thriving community.

Let’s take one hobby as an example.

Say you want to buy an ‘old’ sports car. You love it, you give it a name. And in Lymm you can share your joy with other classic car enthusiasts when you join The Classic Car Club, formed after The Heritage Transport Day in 2014. If you missed this year’s event, make a note to attend next summer.

In no time after moving, you’ll feel fulfilled in your new life as you start a hobby, project or follow a cherished passion.

At the start of this post, we mentioned ‘luxury’. Of course, no-one wants to give up on home comforts when downsizing and retiring. Arbor Living Homes are designed for people who enjoy life’s luxuries as much as their favourite hobbies and pastimes.

Come and talk to us about park home life in Lymm for the over 55s.

Luxury park home living at Willowpool in Lymm

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