Could these luxuries make you want a new park home?

Which one thing did you wish for the most in your working life?

Time for the people who matter most in your life?

Time to do you what you want every day?

Time to be who you are. Fulfil ambitions. Follow new dreams. Live purposefully.

The luxury of having the freedom to choose

Most people form a plan for what they’ll do when they retire. Some people write the plan down, make a list, fill up the calendar. Others have a plan in mind yet are happy to follow a different path when other opportunities arise.

We all know someone who retired to increased leisure time without giving much thought to how they’d spend each day. Free from time constraints, we can see that what they didn’t realise was the risk of boredom which comes after an extended period of leisure.

Spending longer over coffee breaks, in shopping centres and watching television passes the time but provides no satisfaction.

Eventually, this becomes unbearable and becomes a threat to health. Without a regular routine and purpose, we can see we would begin to feel lost too.

This is not for us. We welcome the change retirement brings. It’s easy to see how well we’ll adjust to our new lifestyle.

Good communication

Couples often find themselves spending more time together when they retire. Like any effective plan, communication is important. Now that life is changing, there is much to talk about. They may find they want to do some things together and other things separately.

Perhaps you’ll ask each other:

  • What do we enjoy doing but haven’t had the time?
  • What are we doing but not enjoying?
  • How can we change and improve our circumstances?

The possibilities seem endless. Once our minds are open to new opportunities, we start to get more creative about the way we’ll live this new life.

We look around our family home and feel differently about it now the children have flown the nest.

Rooms remain empty and we have no further use for them.

We’re aware of the kind of maintenance which needs doing. It’s the same for many older houses. We would rather spend money on our lifestyle than repairing (or replacing) the roof, fixing wall ties or dealing with damp.

Park home luxury

Wouldn’t it be better to buy a brand-new home, with a long-term guarantee?

  • A home which you’d move straight into, fully furnished and decorated, spotlessly clean and with all the appliances fitted for a comfortable life.
  • A home in a gated development where you’ll feel safe, where local amenities are within walking instead of driving distance, where you’ll have neighbours close by yet private, spacious gardens to relax in.

Lakeshore by Arbor Living in Burton Waters is 5 miles away from the city centre of Lincoln.

Burton Waters is an inland marina with shops and restaurants lining the waterfront. When you’re feeling energetic, hire a bike from the Hirebike Lincoln station near the marina and cycle along the Fossdyke towards the centre or take a bus from The Landings.

The David Lloyd Fitness Centre next to Lakeshore provides excellent quality gym facilities and organises social events for members.

Lakeshore is a spacious haven of parkland with a private lake. It is home to the greylag goose and many other wildfowl. Arbor Living has retained some of the parkland as a natural meadow to encourage wildlife to flourish on the park.

The homes are designed with large picture windows and doors leading on to decking. What better way to start the day with a book or your kindle, on your decking or by the window as you contemplate this wonderful life you have chosen for yourselves.

Come and see what the Arbor Living Luxury Retirement community in Lincoln offers you.

Retire to luxury in Lakeshore

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