The most important questions to ask about luxury park homes

“Start with ‘Why’,” advises Simon Sinek, author and motivational speaker. “Because it doesn’t matter what you do but how you do it,” he says.

A happy retirement starts by asking ourselves what we want out of it – and how we can make the most of these later years of our lives.

Where does retirement begin?

First, you’ll decide:

  • Where to live
  • The best type of property to suit your new lifestyle.

We believe an Arbor Living park home is the Number One choice for people over the age of 55.

To help you in arriving at the right conclusion, we suggest you evaluate Arbor Living along with other park homes available. Make a list of the questions you need to be answered when viewing selected properties. Questions like the ones listed here will keep you well-informed and help in your decision-making:

  1. Location

Is there easy access to local public transport (buses and trains), UK national rail networks and international airports? When I want to visit friends and family, home and abroad, will the distance deter me from making a journey, or encourage to take the trip?

  1. Find out about the local bus routes and how they link up with the wider transport network.
  2. Work out from a good road atlas how near your location is to major motorways and whether major towns are within easy reach.
  3. Check Google directions for driving distances to the people you’ll most want to visit – and have visit you.
  4. Look on the local tourist information websites (city and county) to give you ideas for days out – both by car and public transport. Make a list of the scenic, cultural and historical places you can visit without having to travel for more than 1 hour.
  5. Note the local amenities and the everyday necessities they provide – shops, eateries and health and fitness centres.

Positive answers to these questions will lean towards all probability that you’ll live an enriched retirement lifestyle in Lincoln.

You’ll never be isolated from either your immediate neighbours or your loved ones wherever they are in the world.

Who could want more from a retirement destination?

That is why Arbor Living has invested in providing these luxury park homes – for retirees to live the best possible life in their later years.

  1. Design

When viewing a property, ask yourself:

Will this home be my sanctuary?

Can I imagine myself living here among these interiors, furnishings and appliances everyday?

  1. Consider the standard of interiors you’ve been used to throughout your former life. You don’t want to make compromises just because you’re downsizing or choosing a smaller property to call home. Arbor Living have designed luxury into every room. 
  2. When you view Lakeshore, you’ll notice the quality of build, Bosch appliances, the touch of luxury in every room.
  3. At first viewing, people are astonished at the amount of space in each home. Lounge, kitchen and dining areas along with bedrooms and bathrooms are designed for those who love space. Outside, you are secluded from your neighbours, giving a true rural feel and privacy to your surroundings.
  1. Upkeep

How much exterior and interior maintenance will be needed in the next 1, 5, 10 years and beyond?

  1. None, zero, little and minimal is the short answer. We can say this with confidence because the roof is guaranteed for 50 years and the construction is covered by warranty BS3632. Your home’s hard-wearing nature means the only effort you’ll ever need expect is to change a light bulb. Expect lower utility bills and less income on household expenses as a result.

“What if our goal in life is simply to have a better life than we had before?” asks Simon.

“What if your opportunity for a happier life is greater in an Arbor Living home?” we ask.

Come and talk to us to find out why other Arbor Living residents have made the right choice for them. Ask them what they recommend about their lifestyle and about the quality of life they’re enjoying at Lakeshore.

Retire to luxury in Lakeshore

Come and visit us at Lakeshore, Burton Waters, and see for yourself the quality of life you can expect when you move into an Arbor Living luxury park home.

Arrange a viewing by phone or send an email and we’ll call you back when it’s convenient for you.