How will life change when you are retired?

Some people age better than others.

This being the case, all of us want to ensure we live a healthy and happy life.

Quality of life throughout the ageing process – from childhood and through adulthood – depends on our health.

We are perhaps more conscious about health and well-being as we get older – and we’re more determined to take steps to improve our health, mentally and physically.

Find your happiness and fulfilment

Retirement is a major milestone.

At this point, life is changing. Some of the changes are results of our own decisions.

We may change our lifestyle, relocate to a different part of the country and change our day-to-day routines as a consequence.

A job or business comes to an end and no longer provides the income stream it once did.

The way we receive income will change because of our age. A pension scheme will become payable on a specific date. We will manage our finances in a different way.

There is much scientific evidence about healthy ageing and we are wise to seek out the truth by investigating the source of any facts we read. Raymond Francis and Michael Greger simplify health for everyone to understand, teaching us about food as medicine. The body is a self-repairing system. We can restore the cells in our bodies to normal function and prevent disease. We cannot reduce our chronological age but we can, says Raymond, reduce our biological age through nutrition, exercise and healthy thoughts.

Inactivity and obesity are the enemies of a healthy heart and circulatory system. The good news is there is a lot we can do to reduce these risk factors, says the British Heart Foundation.

We know that diet and nutrition have the greatest effect on our health. And that we must keep our bodies fit and healthy to prevent the onset of conditions commonly associated with age.

Many such conditions may be prevented simply by taking care of our minds and bodies. 

We know for example that anything more than a minimum intake of saturated fat or sugar puts the health of our heart – and whole cardiovascular system – at risk. Yet we may not always be vigilant enough in abiding to those minimum recommendations.

We all know someone who has lived to reach their nineties while not necessarily living a healthy lifestyle. But with the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease set to rise by 29% by 2035 (British Heart Foundation), there is every reason to start making healthier lifestyle choices now. Taking better care of our health is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves in retirement.

Creating your best retirement life

Moving into a new home in itself may lead to the forming of different routines and the letting go of old habits. This could be all the motivation you need in order to change.

Is your life missing anything? What kind of goals do you want to achieve? The great news is you’ll have time to devote to hobbies, projects, work and taking good care of yourself.

For the first time in your life, there are no demands on how you spend your time. Since schooldays, life has been scheduled for learning, earning a living and raising a family.

Now, at retirement, there is no-one else prescribing your life. You will have many hours to fill. Retirement may last as long as your working life.

It’s time to discover your passion. What do you really care about? “Passion will bloom when you are doing something worth fighting for,” Oprah Winfrey.

Begin now. Go out and follow your dreams – and never give up.

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