How to tap into the best retirement life has to offer

Our generation of over 55-year olds has a whole new way of looking at retirement.

The potential for a happy and fulfilling retirement is greater than in previous generations, many reports show. 

If you are about to retire, it’s likely your biggest goal is to achieve an active, healthy and prosperous retirement. Lifestyle is important and your plans will include achieving certain goals which concentrate on your health and well-being.

What’s essential then, is to keep in mind the kind of lifestyle which would make you happiest and to plan your time around them.

Happy moments

We experience many different types of happiness and the Greeks have four ways for describing what it feels to be happy. In Greek, prosperity, spiritual happiness, material happiness and good fortune are described using different words.

Happiness comes in moments. They can be moments of peace found when reading a good book. Or moments of excitement like a night out with friends. A moment of happiness could be absorbing –working creatively on a hobby or project.

How many of these situations describe some of your happy moments?

  • An afternoon spent with family and friends
  • Celebrating a birthday or anniversary
  • Helping someone
  • Spending time with pets
  • A workout which leaves you feeling satisfied
  • Being outdoors in nature
  • Being engrossed in or finishing a big project or task
  • Laughing at something funny
  • Time spent on your favourite hobby
  • Taking pleasure in the dawn of a beautiful morning, or dusk and sunset
  • Sipping your favourite drink
  • Playing or listening to music.

Create a list of your most recent favourite moments and resolve to choose even more moments of happiness when you retire.

Lifestyle goals

Did you know that one in three people in their seventies is still working regularly?

Four in ten women in their seventies have a job compared with about a third of men. The survey by Nationwide Savings and reported in The Telegraph found that while more than a fifth of women did part-time or occasional work, another fifth worked full-time. The survey sees the study on later life breaking some common misconceptions and shows people in later life living a much more active lifestyle than previously thought. 

Meanwhile, the average 70-year-old shows no sign of slowing down, preferring to exercise five times a week, most likely in the gym or walking, and taking holidays abroad every year.


Throughout the history of the human race, out of all the people who’ve reached 80 years of age, half of them are alive now, quotes Andy Bounds of Dr Graeme Codrington.

The Financial Times reports that there are more over 50s starting up their own business than any other generation today. They decide to do something they’ve always wanted to do and can use a pension lump sum (or borrow against certain types of pension), inheritances or redundancy payments to finance the beginning of a new venture. Forty-three per cent of start-up business owners are over 50 and by the age of 70, more than 60% of those still in work are self-employed.

When not working, retirees’ favourite activities are:

Taking multiple holidays and worldwide travel

  • Enjoying new hobbies and interests
  • Spending time with grandchildren
  • Volunteer work and philanthropy
  • Downsizing the house.

If you are retiring today, these words by Dr Seuss may capture your thoughts exactly:

“You’re off to great places

Today is your day

Your mountain is waiting

So, get on your way.”

May you live your greatest life with nothing standing in your way.

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