How to take the first steps to change your life

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to retire?” This thought crosses all our minds at some point. We are unlikely to be heard saying, “I can’t wait to grow old.” Yet retirement could be the greatest opportunity of your life to unlock your full potential for great achievements.

Unlimited possibilities

Any new self-initiated change is exciting. But how do you keep motivation and momentum? Ideas must be turned into a plan of action. What steps do you need to take, and which ones is it best to take first?

One way to achieve a happy, prosperous and successful retirement is to manage it like a project. After the initial stages of your retirement, your chosen retirement lifestyle will become a natural process. 

Every successful project begins with an effective and detailed plan. How detailed is yours?

Starting your new beginning

Some of the steps you take to retire happy will already be part of your life.

You may have resolved never to slow down. The difference now is that your pace will be your own and your days filled doing your favourite things. You’re no longer required to attend a company workplace following someone else’s agenda. What you will want to make sure of is that you’re physically, mentally and financially fit. Then, you are prepared to make the most of retirement through hobbies, study, volunteering, business or part-time work.

You may consider the potential for downsizing and what it really means for you.

Would selling the family home and moving to a purpose-designed single-level home for over-55s truly make you happy? What is it about your current house that you don’t like? The fact that bedrooms are empty, never used? The maintenance (cost, time and trouble)? That in addition to general repairs, the house needs refurbishment? Is this domestic responsibility something you still want to feature in your life?

When your children were growing up, your family needed the living and storage space – especially during their teenage years when friends hung out there and stayed for sleepovers. They were good times. And your later life promises good times – in different ways.

If your lifestyle is to change, perhaps you need a new home base. It is an important first step. A long-cherished idea for a new hobby or project may not be possible in your current home. Organising and managing home improvements is a time-consuming activity.

If you could buy a brand-new, fully furnished luxury bungalow of quality assured construction, would this free up your time and money for leisure and travel? Would you have more time to focus on your health, happiness and wellbeing? Then, consider the lifestyle afforded you in moving to a luxury Arbor Living home.

Next steps to a happy and healthy future

With home and finances planned and organised, lifestyle is an equally important consideration.

Regular exercise is beneficial at any age. It’s easy to fit into your daily routine at Lakeshore because David Lloyd is on your doorstep. Consider asking a personal trainer to design a fitness programme specifically for your needs and build up gradually to achieve your goals. A PT will keep you motivated, especially as you start other new routines after moving home. Choose exercises you enjoy and discuss their benefits (physical and mental) with your PT.

Carholme and Canwick Park are the nearest golf clubs to Burton Waters. A daily brisk walk rewards you with good health, especially along the Fossdyke into the city centre. A pedometer will record how far you walk, encouraging you to cover more ground. You can cycle around Lincoln without having to own a bike thanks to the Hirebike scheme with its nearby station in Burton Waters.

Your biggest goals and dreams

What ideas top your list of things to see and do?

Your personal goals and plans will avoid you getting too caught up in everyday activities without purpose and meaning.

Start by writing down your goals for the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. This will motivate you to focus your time on what matters most to you without distractions. You’ll gain clarity on your chosen lifestyle, especially things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet done.

What skills would you like to learn? What places would you like to visit? Who do you want to spend the most time with?

Make new friends. Lakeshore residents have found this easy and use David Lloyd’s as a social as well as their fitness hub.

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of others? Volunteer or become a mentor. Learn while you teach when you join U3A Lincoln.

You have all the time in the world. Go out and make them your best years yet.

Retire to luxury in Lakeshore

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