How to prepare for the first few days of retirement

Why do some people enjoy retirement more than others?

Why does time seem to pass more quickly than when we were younger?

In no time at all, it seems our glorious summer is over and Christmas is around the corner.

Most of us wonder at the speed of time since our children left school. Now, our grandchildren are starting school.

When we reach our twenties, most of us have ‘settled down’. We are working in our chosen profession. We are married. And our lives have formed a routine.

We go to work, travel home, eat dinner, watch TV – and include leisure, exercise and a social life into our schedules. We dine out (or in) with friends, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, meet for coffee and drinks. We book summer holidays and weekend breaks. And our lives are full.

When we retire, the pattern of life has shifted. We no longer go to work. Children have grown up and left home. And our social lives are changing. 

Psychology Today suggests the reason why it feels that time flies by in later life is the proportion of life it takes. A day in the life of a 10-year old takes up a larger fraction of an overall life than that of a 60-year old.

In his book, “Making Time”, Steve Taylor says time seems to slow down when we’re exposed to new experiences and environments. It seems to pass more quickly when we’re absorbed in a task.

In later life, time will continue to pass quickly. Major past events will continue to feel like they happened only yesterday.

After moving into your new park home, weeks will soon turn into months. You’ll see the seasons change from spring to autumn and the plant life change outside your window. Nature’s balance. They form the perfect scene to a meaningful retirement.

Living life to the full

Think about people you know who are retired.

We all know people who are happy and enjoying life to the full – and others perhaps not so much. What is different about these people? How do they approach life, situations and challenges? How do they fill their days? Why do they live their chosen lifestyles?

In all stages of life, it matters more why you do what you do, rather than what you do.

Everyone needs good reason to get out of bed energetically in the morning, anticipating the day that lies ahead.

Your first week in retirement will set the pattern, and substance, for your future.

Week one

If you are new to Lymm, you’ll explore your surroundings to discover local shops, amenities and places where you can meet people and become part of the community.

It’s likely you’ll have made initial plans before you moved in. All it then takes is for you to put your plan into action and note in your diary (or calendar) what you will do each day. Have a task, event, goal, deadline or reminder written for each day. Make sure every day includes your favourite activities. Know where your happiness comes from. It sounds obvious but sometimes we are caught up in events happening around us. It’s unavoidable. When this happens, it’s even more important to set aside time for something that brings us joy. This may be a simple, routine task or a step to achieving a larger goal. Happiness and health in later life are essential to our overall well-being. Be determined to plan happiness generating tasks into your daily life. This determination will give you the resilience you need to appreciate later life and the opportunities it brings.

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