How to live a great later life

Are you planning to retire soon?

Perhaps your plan is to never retire. You are enjoying life just the way it is. Maybe you’ve decided to achieve new goals to make sure you live life to the full.

Retirement. A beginning, not the end

“Most people would choose to retire earlier rather than later,” says Ernie J Zelinski in “How to Retire, Happy, Wild and Free.”

Retirement heralds not an end but a beginning. It represents the time when you decide to make a major change in your life. This change will create a new lifestyle pattern for the years to come.

A new beginning could involve:

  • Selling up and moving to a new home
  • Leaving your job or changing your profession
  • Paying more attention to your physical and mental health, and
  • Choosing different leisure and creative activities.

If one of your retirement goals is to move to a new home, where would you like to live? Lymm is an established village community in Cheshire within easy reach of mainline rail stations, international airports and beautiful countryside. Willowpool offers a selection of luxury single level homes in a secure gated park each with secluded garden. It is the perfect setting for people over the age of 55.

What are the first steps to retirement?

Later life plans begin with a review of your financial situation. Long-term savings, investments and pension pots will have grown into substantial assets. The key is to plan your finances to give you the maximum income to suit your lifestyle throughout retirement. Everyone’s situation is different and it’s essential you have the support of a trusted and qualified financial adviser to review your circumstances at least every 12 months.

Never too old

What you will have more of when you stop full-time work is time. The older we get the more precious time seems. It is never too late to follow your dreams and to make them reality.

A happy retirement happens to people who create a life full of meaningful activities.

No-one is ever too old. The oldest runner in the 2018 London Marathon was aged 87. He started running when he was 53 years old and has raised over £40,000 for Age UK. Walking, dancing and gardening are just as beneficial to health as marathon running. If you want to spend more time gardening, join Cheshire Gardens Trust for guided visits and specialist talks. Numerous activities can help others as well as ourselves.

The best time of your life

Ask people what retirement means to them, or what they expect from it, and you’re likely to hear them reply:

  • “The freedom to choose to do what I want to do, when and how I want to.”
  • “Everything I do every day is optional.”
  • “I want to travel the world.”
  • “I want to work less hours in a more focussed way.”
  • “I want to stop being employed but, for me, retirement does not mean growing old.”
  • “I’d like to change to a slower pace of life but never retire.”
  • “I’d like lots more family time.”
  • “I like what I’m doing so much I’ll never retire.”
  • “I retired from a full-time job last year – but retirement isn’t for me.”

How many of these apply to you?

Retirement redefined

Retirement once meant “to give up work.” But now, it has begun to take on a different meaning. Over the last decade, it has been completely evolving. To most people, retirement now means doing new things, doing things you want to do that you have never done before and having more choice over how you spend your time.

Why not start planning your retirement now? Take a notebook and write down your options in the form of a mindmap and add your ideas when they come to mind. Perhaps you’ll need several mindmaps. If travel is a priority, you may need a separate mindmap for each holiday type or country you plan to visit. Include the ideas which, at the moment, you’re unsure how to get started with. For example, if you want to be part of an environmental group but you don’t yet know what’s available in the area, someone locally will know who to ask.

Luxury park home living in Lymm

The Arbor Living park homes in Lymm are open for viewings. Ask our advice about living in this established village community. Book an appointment today.