How to enjoy the security of retirement

It’s the time of our lives when we wish for security above (perhaps) all else in life.

We want to feel secure in our homes, secure financially and secure that our health and well-being is the best it can be.

With this self-assurance we can go through our fifties, sixties and beyond with a kind of contentment we haven’t felt before.

  1. Money and lifestyle

Uppermost in our minds when we think about retirement is our financial situation. What do we want to spend our money on? How much do we want to invest, save and even speculate?

The upkeep of a large family house may no longer seem practical. There seems little point in having rooms unused with the doors constantly closed. Constant maintenance is needed and this means organising as well as funding. When work needs doing, there is always a wait for the best trades people. No-one wants to risk having anyone work on their house unless they come highly recommended.

In these circumstances, many people begin to think about downsizing. They consider the possibilities and ask themselves, “Would this be right for me?” And the answer is: “It depends.” Downsizing must bring significant benefit. Any compromise would be a risk too far.

None of these doubts are necessary when you move to an Arbor Living home. Because the property is brand-new, fully furnished, structurally guaranteed and spotlessly clean, you need not worry about maintenance for many years to come. This is the kind of stress everyone appreciates being free from in their lives.

  1. A secure home

Everyone cherishes a feeling of security in their own home. What’s more, when we go away it is good to know we can lock up and leave without having to worry that our home is safe.

Arbor Living homes are built as a gated community. Access is available only for park home owners and their guests. A local security company visits for added security and unauthorised access is prevented.

You will have the comfort of knowing the people living closest to you while at the same time enjoying the privacy of the surrounding space.

Living within a gated community is one of the top reasons why residents choose to live at Lakeshore. If safety and security is important to you (as it is for most retirees), come and visit us and find out what else Lakeshore has to offer.

  1. Secure in your health and well-being

The extent of your happiness in Lincoln will depend on your social life, the activities which fill your calendar and the people you spend time with.

Living at Lakeshore makes active retirement easy. In fact, the park and its homes are designed especially for the over-55s.

Lakeshore covers 20 acres of which 9 are landscaped parkland with a private lake and island. A section by the lake has been left as natural meadow to attract wildlife. The lake is home to the Brent Goose and a visiting place for many other migrant birds.

It is well researched that being surrounded by nature offers a strong sense of well-being which helps maintain good mental and physical health.

Even in inclement weather, you aren’t denied the natural beauty of the park. You can admire the parkland in all seasons from the comfort of your own armchair as you look out through the full-length windows beyond your patio. It’s an ever-moving picture and brings a tranquillity like no other.

Walking distance (5 minutes) from Lakeshore is the marina at Burton Waters. As an established residential community, it is just 10 minutes‘ drive from Lincoln’s historic city centre.

Lakeshore is the perfect location for the health-conscious.

Popular with many Lakeshore residents, David Lloyds Fitness Centre is next door to the park.

Walk along the Roman-built Fossdyke to either the village of Saxilby or the city of Lincoln. Hire a bike using the Lincoln Cycle Hire scheme – the nearest ‘station’ is by the Woodcocks Inn.

Moving home is a major life change and needs careful thought and planning. Choose your new home with care and thoroughly research the location before making your decision. Imagine life after you’ve moved. Talk to other residents and find out why they like their home and its location. If you like meeting people and want to join clubs and take on projects, how easy is it to do so from your new town or city? Must there be local amenities within walking distance? Is it important that you are accessible to other parts of the UK to visit friends and family or the countryside and coast? What is your ideal kind of home environment?

Never compromise on comfort and luxury. Choose a home to suit your lifestyle and look forward to a later life filled with happiness. 

Retire to luxury in Lakeshore

Come and visit the beautiful park homes at Lakeshore, Burton Waters. Arrange a viewing by phone. Or request us to call you at a convenient time.