Happy park home living in a retiree’s world

Freedom and independence: retirement is the kind of lifestyle for which many of us have held a secret longing for years.

Having survived the financial and professional challenges of our forties, our fifties and beyond promise to be easier and more prosperous. Sound investments and pension schemes will provide our income and means to enjoy a varied and fulfilling lifestyle.

Downsizing to a park home

Downsizing to a smaller property gives retirees a considerable amount of financial freedom. But how can this be achieved without sacrificing home comforts? Bungalows, once the traditional choice for retirees, are no longer being built. Older bungalows are often converted into houses or need modernising. Unless a renovation project is a must-have on your retirement ‘to-do’ list, this is not ideal.

For modern, spacious luxury, many retirees are choosing to buy a park home. Retired or semi-retired, this is the type of home designed to suit the lifestyle of most people in later life.

Financially, a park home:

  • Costs much less to run 
  • Keeps your money invested
  • Grows your future wealth
  • Funds the perfect lifestyle: holidays, hobbies and pursuits which give you a new purpose in life.


Every impeccably fitted park home at Lakeshore is free from clutter, full of style and furnished throughout. Retirees love being able to move into a brand-new, sparkling clean, freshly decorated and newly carpeted park home.

Stretching the cash

A clever, experienced, approachable professional financial adviser – or financial educator – will be one of your best friends throughout retirement.  You want your adviser to keep you well-informed about how your investments are performing and how the market is working. You can make much better decisions about managing your wealth the more knowledge you have. A financial adviser who happily shares his or her knowledge with you is as valuable as the actions she takes to invest your money.

Retirement – what to do every day

Time passes by so quickly. When working, we may wonder what we’d fill our days doing when we retire. When retired, we wonder how we found time to work. Soon a new routine fills the diary and every day becomes a joy complete with things you love to spend your time doing.

Social life

At Lakeshore, your social life begins with your neighbours, many of whom meet socially and for exercise at David Lloyds Lincoln next door to the park.

Where to go, what to see

Ideas for winter days out in Lincolnshire are listed on the Visit Lincolnshire website. Find out what’s on in Lincoln and immerse yourself in the local culture next time you visit.


When asked what we would not change about our lives after retirement, many of us voted never to stop learning.

Learning with and from others happens daily in the workplace, often unconsciously. One of the main fears of retirement is how to keep our brains active and healthy when we’re no longer working. Even if we regularly do crosswords, sudoku and play scrabble, what about our social learning and personal development? Is it really necessary to continue learning and growing intellectually, emotionally and psychologically after the age of 55? The founder of the University of the Third Age certainly believes so. Learning is a pleasure over 400,000 U3A members enjoy. 

Keeping healthy

When you move you’ll register with new health centres, dentists and opticians. But most of us would agree, the fewer times we visit our doctor the better.

Of course, the more we look after ourselves the healthier we will be. And in retirement, we can spend more time seeking and indulging in healthier pursuits than we may have been able to in a demanding career with a long commute and overseas business travel.

There is more time to plan our diet and to source shops which sell healthier food not always available in the supermarket.

Try these organic food shops and farm shops in Lincoln. Green’s Health Store (stocking reliable brands such as Suma and Whole Earth) and the farm shop at Doddington Hall offer carefully selected products making it easier for people with allergies, intolerances and preferences to choose food containing ingredients that suit them.

Find out more about downsizing to a luxury park home in Lincolnshire today.

Luxury retirement at Lakeshore

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