Five of the best walks around Lymm with your dog

Everyone has a different approach to exercise.

Some people are happy with a defined routine of the gym and fitness classes. Other people need to constantly motivate themselves into any form of exercise.

That’s why walking is so effective. It feels the most effortless type of exercise and can be taken in short spurts. In just 10 minutes of brisk walking, the heart starts pumping blood around the body and you feel uplifted. Walking every day helps reduce the risk of long-term ill health.

Perhaps you love the outdoors and prefer to take a walk every day, whatever the season. Maybe you like to talk and walk and prefer to be in company.

Walking is the easiest kind of exercise. You don’t need special equipment or clothing. Well-fitting shoes and a warm coat, scarf and gloves in winter are enough. It doesn’t cost any money. And you don’t need to have achieved a certain fitness level. You can walk at your own pace: one which makes you breathe faster and feel warmer. The more regularly you walk, the fitter and stronger you will be. Download the free Active 10 app from Public Health England to keep track of your pace.

Walking is a routine which fits conveniently into your day. And if you have a dog, you’ll be out walking once or twice a day or more. Varying your walking routes will keep it interesting. If you’ve relocated, it’s an excellent way to get to know the area well. You’ll notice how many more friends you make as you stop to talk to other people when out walking with your dog. 

Local walks with your dog

  1. Walk ten minutes from the gates of Willowpool and you’ll reach the Bridgewater Canal. Turn left into Burford Lane and access the canal bank just beyond the bridge. The canal towpath meanders into Lymm village where you can visit shops, cafes and pubs. The Spread Eagle and most cafes welcome dogs and provide a drinking bowl for them. Visit The Coffee House, Eagle Brow, Lymm and browse the folder full of local walks as you enjoy coffee and cakes.
  2. After refreshments at the Spread Eagle (or village centre coffee house), walk towards the lower dam (start opposite Sextons) and take the steps leading through the Dingle and up to Lymm Dam. Cross the road (A56) and stop to admire St Mary’s Church before taking the circular walk round the Dam, crossing the Wishing Well Bridge.
  3. Download the Lymm Heritage Trail map and follow various routes through the village, noting the landmarks.
  4. Join the Transpennine Trail for walks towards Dunham Massey. Follow Burford Lane until it joins Mill Lane where you can access the Trail. Head east until you reach Dunham Lane, turn right into Woodhouse Lane and follow it to the Dunham Massey National Trust estate.
  5. Turn right out of Willowpool and head for Broomedge. Cross the A56 past Budgens into West Lane. After a mile turn left into Peacock Lane and your destination: Abbey Leys Organic Farm. Here, you can buy organic potatoes and eggs and arrange a visit to High Legh Community Observatory.

Helping rescue dogs

As a nation of animal lovers (15 million homes in Britain have a pet), animals have a place in most people’s lives and some of us have a pet of our own.

In Lymm, we can have animals in our lives without owning one of our own. Cheshire Dogs Home is an animal rescue charity five miles away in Knutsford Road, Grappenhall, Warrington. As a volunteer, you can get involved in walking rescued dogs before they’re re-homed, or help with gardening, maintenance or marketing.

The healing power of pets

Pets and dogs especially are great stress relievers. Studies of people who had a doctor record their blood pressure with and without their pets being present experienced different results. Those who took their pets experienced lower blood pressure than those without. Similar results are seen in the workplace. Some companies have introduced “Bring Your Pet To Work Days” because staff appear to be less stressed and more productive when accompanied by their canine friends. Alzheimer and dementia patients in nursing homes experience relief from their symptoms when animals are brought near to them.

Best foot forward

What else is there to love about Lymm? You’ll find it easy to access the countryside, coast and national parks from your new home. There’s no easier way to boost your quality of life than spending more time in the great British outdoors.

When it comes to exercise, you get out as much as you put in. Walking around Lymm you’ll soon feel an affinity with the village, make new friends and feel healthier and more energetic as a result.

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