How to find the best park homes in Cheshire

Everyone has their own vision of the perfect retirement.

Perhaps you’ve decided upon location – and you’ve chosen Cheshire. You’ve seen the website photographs of the park at Lymm. And you’ve ask yourself:

“Can I imagine living there?”

“Will a park home give me enough space?”

“What will it feel like to live in a park home?”

When selling a large family home, you want there to be abundant space in your new home – inside and out.

Downsizing doesn’t mean sacrificing the standards your accustomed to in living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and gardens.

Arbor Living conducted in-depth research into the type of lifestyle – and home comforts – people want when they reach the age of 55 (and beyond). It is this research which has led them to create the luxurious park homes available today.   

Compare the park home property market

Whenever making an important purchase, we consider similar alternatives before we make up our minds to buy.

This is what we recommend before you buy your park home.

When buying a new car, you want performance and reliability as well as style and economy.

When choosing insurance, you’ll visit a comparison website to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

You may compare utility prices every year to make sure you’re not paying more than necessary for heating, lighting and water.

If buying a home appliance, electronic device or  novelty gadget, you’ll shop around and perhaps check out the Which? reports.

And of course, you ask your friends: have they bought a similar product and would they recommend it?

It is this type of in-depth questioning and research that we recommend you do in your search for a property. We want you to feel that when you choose an Arbor Living home you are confident this is where you’ll be happiest in later life.

How to research the park homes available

  • Go to the Park Home and Leisure Show. Held every June, it is the largest national event of its kind. All the park home construction companies will be there to present their new homes. The latest park home technology will be on show. And if being eco-friendly is on your ‘must-have’ list, find out how the latest park home designs meet conservation needs.
  • Buy the Park Home Magazine to pick up some more hints and tips on buying a park home.
  • Talk to other park home residents and ask them what they like about park home living. What would they recommend about it and why? How does it compare with their former lifestyle?
  • Voice your concerns, if any. Ask any of us at Arbor Living and also speak to other park home developers to be clear about the construction and buying process of your home.
  • Research park home manufacturers and take time to check build quality and specifications. Notice the difference in standards. Ask about the materials used in the home’s construction and the warranty cover.

A very important purchase

Visit other luxury park homes in and around Cheshire and appraise them with the same thoroughness. How do they compare against the Arbor Living park homes at Lymm? We welcome all questions and want you to be well-informed before you take the important step of buying and owning a luxury park home.

Write down the answers to all your questions as part of your evaluation.

Then ask yourself the most important question: could you be happy there?

Village location

Finally, look around your chosen location.

In Lymm, there is the beautiful Lymm Dam nearby, outside the centre of Lymm near St Mary’s church and a gastro pub run by a celebrity chef.

The charming village centre has all the necessary amenities – independent and much-loved shops, post office, library, heritage centre and cafes.

You’ll find it easy to meet Lymm locals when you stop to say ‘Hello’ in Sextons, the Terrace or the Coffee House. Drop in on a Tuesday morning at the Spread Eagle for the locally famous ‘meet and greet’.

Back at the park, as you chat about your visit, you’ll feel a bond of compatibility with your new (or soon-to-be) neighbours who will soon become friends.

Retire in luxury to Willowpool

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