What everybody wants: a worry-free retirement

The future looks brighter for people approaching later life. As we age, we get happier. And there’s research to back this up.

For those of us coming up to retirement, this is good news. A worry-free life is a blessing.

Research published in The Psychologist is encouraging. According to their article, ‘Why Emotional Experiences Get Better With Age’: 

  • “We are less likely to experience negative emotions than our younger friends and family. And we behave more compassionately to one another.”

This is all down to life experiences which have given us the ability to better handle our emotions. We are less stressed and more confident.

Pursuing happiness

There are other reasons for our even-tempered nature:

  • Work demands are eliminated
  • We make time for favourite activities like gardening (every Arbor Living resident has a beautiful private garden), travelling and volunteering
  • Our goals are short-term and medium-term rather than long-term and they focus on what makes us happy
  • We are more likely to enjoy the present moment and the immediate future
  • We have smaller friendship networks, closer relationships and fewer conflicts.

Retirement life as designed by Arbor Living appeals to people who are seeking creativity, variety, enrichment, activity and freedom in their later years.

During Arbor Living’s in-depth research they revealed potential residents’ concerns:

  • Their need for safety and security. This is why every Arbor Living park is secured by gated access control and daily security checks for residents’ peace of mind.
  • Location. Can we leave the car behind and use public transport? Is it easy for us to reach our distant families and for them to come visit us? You’ll find our parks in easily accessible locations. Willowpool is close to a bus route to the nearby towns of Warrington and Altrincham and onwards to Manchester and Liverpool by train. Go by taxi to and from the station – 6 miles to the Warrington Stations and 7 miles to Altrincham. Relax and enjoy stress-free travelling. Manchester Airport is 30 minutes by car and motorways are 5 minutes’ drive.
  • Stability. Quality of construction. When you view an Arbor Living park, please ask us about the solid foundations upon which our homes are built. Find out about BS3632, the British Quality Standard our homes are built to, and how we exceed those regulations in the quality of insulation used. Interiors are luxurious, stylish, spacious and relaxing.
  • The need for maintenance. This is minimal. There is no need to worry about the roof over your head which is guaranteed for 50 years. The home as a whole is covered by a 10-year warranty. There’s no need to keep a fund for repairs and maintenance. Save your money or treat yourself to a holiday or new pastime.

Try these health tips we’ve found lately

Knowing which nutritional advice you can rely on for can be confusing and you may find this helpful. The Royal Liverpool Hospital NHS Trust recommends these websites:

Quick tip for a better night’s sleep

When you’re tired but can’t get to sleep, try writing. Write down what you’ve done today and what you plan to do tomorrow – but spend no more than 5 minutes doing so. According to the British Psychological Society, this technique will help you fall asleep more quickly.

Retire in luxury to Willowpool

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