All you need to know about retiring to Lincoln

Moving to Lincoln is a wonderful way to simply get away from it all. It’s a compact city with abundant culture and a rich heritage. Half an hour by boat (there’s a water taxi from The Landings), one hour’s gentle stroll or 10 minutes by road and you’re ready for your ascent along Steep Hill to the Castle and Cathedral. See one of the 4 remaining original Magna Carta documents held at the Castle. The city is shortlisted in this year’s Tourism Excellence Awards and is hoping to be a winner. The RAF centenary will attract even more visitors to the county’s aviation attractions while a quieter escape to Tennyson’s birthplace at Somersby is a must for literary enthusiasts.

Lincolnshire outdoors

If being out in the fresh air in beautiful surroundings is your favourite pastime then you’ll love the coast and countryside of Lincolnshire. You are within one hour of grey seal birthing grounds (Donna Nook), floral rare species nature reserves wide expanses of landscape for bird sightings (including numerous birds of prey such as merlin, hen harrier, sparrowhawk) and some of the richest and rarest floral species (yellow-wort, clustered bellflower, man orchids) in the UK thanks to Lincolnshire’s alkaline soils. Many of these can be admired without getting out of the car because you’ll find them on the verges of many country roads. When you want a break from the car, head for the Wolds. There are pleasant walks of around 6 or 7 miles, perfect for burning off several hundred calories while getting some mild aerobic exercise.

Relaxed nature

Being outdoors is better for our health. Age UK, BHF, Cancer Research and all the primary health organisations advise exercise and outdoor activities in abundance in later life. This becomes easier of course when the lighter and longer days mean we can enjoy a spontaneous trip to the country when the sun comes out. If you want to stay home and still enjoy the outdoors, take a relaxing stroll through the acres of landscaped parkland at Lakeshore and cross the bridge to its private island.

This is one of the lifestyle changes over 55s love the most about no longer having to work.

It doesn’t mean empty pages in a diary waiting for the weather to take an upturn. What it does mean is having the freedom to make a last-minute decision about how to spend your day because you prefer to change what has previously been scheduled.

This kind of lifestyle change makes later life one of the most fulfilling phases of life we’ve ever experienced. When it’s accompanied by a sense of purpose, it can mean a self-assured happiness like no other period of life.

The opportunities for an active social life are superabundant at Lakeshore. Because David Lloyd Fitness Centre is almost a neighbour, most residents are members. It has become not only their exercise hub but a place to socialise and organise other hobbies and activities with new friends. It’s a life which for this reason new residents find easy to settle into.

All health experts highly recommend an active lifestyle as the best choice for our health in later life. You have more time to cook food for yourself and choose an exercise you enjoy. You even have the time to scour the county’s market towns for farm produce like Lincolnshire sausage, stuffed chine and Grantham gingerbread. A busy social life and a calendar full of booked events is just what the doctor orders to minimise visits to the medical centre. The happier we are, the less likely we are to suffer from the effects of stress. Long gone are the times when work demands caused us to feel under-valued, under pressure and overworked. In retirement, you have time for ‘you’. You can put your own health and well-being first. People (at any age) who avoid suffering from stress are physically healthier. Because our thoughts, behaviours and actions are linked, any care we give to our mind, our mental health, makes us healthier physically.

Many people welcome their escape to retirement from the stress and demands of their professional life.

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