9 planning tips for a successful retirement

It’s the time of year when daffodils spring into bloom and we feel optimistic for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

For those of us no longer in full-time employment, we can take advantage of a new age – a time when we can devote every day to doing things we love.

The activities you spend time on every day will determine the quality of your life.  It’s worth considering each aspect of your life today and what you expect from it in the future. Here are some ideas.

  1. Reviewing lifestyle plans

When you no longer have to work indoors, you’ll love being able to spend time outdoors in the fresh air every day.

Within the parkland at Willowpool you’ll feel closer to nature in its green abundance and seclusion. Out and about in Lymm, there’s a wealth of heritage to explore, making it a welcoming village for newcomers who soon feel at home here. Invite your family and friends to one of the annual village festivals – the Duck Race, Historic Transport Day and the Dickensian. They’ll want to return next year.

Day trips beyond Cheshire will take you to Lancashire’s Fylde Coast, Cumbria’s Lake District or the Welsh heights of Snowdonia – all under 2 hours’ drive.

Perhaps you’ll join Warrington Ramblers or try Nordic Walking – find a local instructor at Dunham Massey.

  1. Money management

Planning your finances for the long-term is the first step to a sustainable, prosperous lifestyle. You’ll have several income streams to manage: pensions, investments, savings and perhaps part-time work. The continuing support of your financial adviser will be invaluable.

  1. Health, well-being and happiness

Make a daily, weekly and monthly to do list to keep your calendar full with imminent and long term events.

Active people are happier and daily exercise will do wonders for your well-being. Exercising every day, even if just a brisk walk, will keep your body weight at a healthy level and maintain your immune system, helping you fight illness.

  1. Your new home

When your children have grown up and moved on, downsizing to a smaller property with fewer rooms is an opportunity to free up some cash to help fund your new lifestyle.

Arbor Living park homes are easy to maintain and will remain so for many years thanks to the quality of build (to British Standard BS3632), the contemporary interior design and spacious layout.

Downsize your possessions and resolve to avoid the build up of clutter in your new home.

  1. Sense of purpose

Most people can’t imagine doing nothing when they stop working. 

Having something to look forward each day gives you good reason to get out of bed in the morning. You need large projects and goals to give you a sense of fulfilment and you have time to explore the world. You may choose something creative like photography or painting. Perhaps you want to leave a legacy such as a family history book.

  1. Community and belonging

Combining a hobby with a volunteer project gives you the best of both worlds. For example, if woodland, weather and climate change are important to you, help the Woodland Trust to record local wildlife on their Nature’s Calendar project. Offer to volunteer at Lymm Heritage Centre. Join Age UK’s Cheshire Chorus and lend a hand in the community.

  1. Social plans

Some of your colleagues will stay in touch after work – perhaps you’ll organise meet-ups to maintain long term friendships. Do you have friends you would like to see more often? Now is the time to contact them and put a social event on the calendar. Are there relatives you haven’t seen lately? You may have new interests to share.

You will of course have more opportunity to make new friends in the village of Lymm. You’ll join clubs and groups to learn new skills and start new hobbies.

Your new Arbor Living home is perfect for entertaining in its spacious dining area. If you enjoy the social aspect without the cooking and washing up, arrange for a private chef (from La Belle Assiette) to cook for you at home one night.

  1. Food and shopping

Food shopping becomes more interesting when you take the time to shop at different places rather than the national supermarkets. In and around Lymm there are local producers and farm shops for you to buy higher quality foods for taste and nutrition.

In the village centre, you’ll find family bakers Sextons for breads, pastries and celebration cakes.

  1. The benefits of planning

Most people are changing their beliefs about the traditional idea of retirement. They have no plans to slow down and intend to live life to the full.

If you don’t yet have a plan, take your time. The important thing is to think about the future and your vision of what is possible. Your goals will then form into written plans and become the focus of your energy every day.

Enjoy what matters, with the people who matter.

“To thine own self be true” (Hamlet).

Luxury retirement at Willowpool

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